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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Eye Care For All Ages

We provide comprehensive eye care for all ages. From glaucoma to glasses, we can take care of all your eye care needs. Our doctors specialize in providing an eye examination that is complete and comprehensive but at the same time, makes the best use of your time so that you can get back to living your life.

2839436496_01Medical Eye Care

Treatment of Eye Disease, Infections & Injuries

Our doctors are board certified to prescribe medications for the eye, including the treatment of glaucoma.  They specialize in removing embedded foreign bodies in the front part of the eye, diagnosing and treating red eye problems, dry eye problems, infections, injuries, allergies and all forms of medical eye problems. Furthermore, our doctors diagnose and manage diabetic eye disease, cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal problems.

Children’s Vision Care

childrens_frames1_01Friendly pediatric designed exams with emphasis on diagnosis of refractive conditions, eye disease, muscle imbalances (strabismus) and amblyopia (lazy eye)

We see children of all ages. Many parents wonder, “How are you going to examine my four year old when he doesn’t really know his letters?” You can rest assured, we have objective methods of measuring your children’s vision. Most of these methods need very little input from your child. Please feel free to call if you have questions before scheduling an examination.  Want to ease your child’s anxiety? Bring him in for a tour of the office!

 glaucomaGlaucoma Treatment

Out smart this “sneak thief of sight.”

Glaucoma often has no symptoms until much damage has occurred. If you have a family history of glaucoma it is vitally important that you have a full eye examination annually. Dr. Bedinghaus provides full scope medical treatment for glaucoma. We offer the latest technology in glaucoma diagnosis with optical coherence tomography, visual field perimetry and digital retinal imaging.

 Dry Eye Treatment

More than just eye drops!

While using OTC artificial tears is extremely important, Dr. Bedinghaus takes a direct approach for some patients. He performs a painless procedure called punctal occlusion,, in which a small implant or ‘plug” is inserted into the drain pipe of the eye to keep existing tears in the eye longer. Dr. Bedinghaus also has experience in prescribing RESTASIS, a drug which actually makes your eyes produce more tears.

img0243_01Refractive Surgery

Many procedures to reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

We work hand in hand with Manatee and Sarasota county’s best refractive surgeons to ensure that our patients receive excellent results.  We perform refractive surgery evaluations to determine if you are a candidate and provide all pre and post operative care visits conveniently at our office in Lakewood Ranch.  Twenty-four month, no-interest financing is available to make your procedure affordable. While refractive surgery is a great alternative for some, it is not the best alternative for everyone.

3081846827_01Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are available in many different types to match your prescription and lifestyle; options galore!

Our office performs contact lens evaluations and fittings for all types of lenses, including daily disposable, cosmetic colored, continuous wear, astigmatism, multifocal, rigid gas permeable and hybrid contact lenses. Our doctors also fit lenses for patients with keratoconus or patient that have undergone corneal transplants.

wwb_img113Full Service Optical

Frame and lenses designed for you

The Lex 1000 Lens Edger’s advance technology enables us to complete many eyeglass orders in-house. This speeds up the process so you do not have to wait for your eyeglasses. We pride ourselves on providing the very best eyewear available today. We merge excellent human skill and workmanship with advanced technology with outstanding customer service to come up with a winning formula. Our on-site laboratory allows us to make the most advanced lens designs in the newest thin and light lens materials.

img0249Full Service Optical

Customized lenses to match your prescription, frame and facial anatomy

Manfuactured by Essilor of America, Inc., the Visioffice allows our optical technicians to capture 3D images of patient’s eyes to provide more accurate, personalized eyeglass lenses for every visual need.  The Visioffice measures the exact location of each eye individually, the eye center of rotation and the exact visual behavior of the patient.