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Dry Eye Diagnosis & Treatment Center

We have invested a significant amount of time and resources to acquire the most advanced equipment to diagnose and treat dry eye syndrome. In order to treat dry eye syndrome, you must diagnose it correctly. In our practice, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to accurate diagnose the condition and classify type of dry eye condition you have so that the treatment can be customized for you.

OCULUS Keratograph® 5M

A New WImage result for OCULUS KERATOGRAPH 5May to Accurately Diagnose Dry Eye Disease

The OCULUS Keratograph® 5M integrates a high definition camera and corneal topographer into one seamless and state-of-the-art imaging machine. Ocular surface disease is match for this innovative tool, which integrates with computer technology to create detailed, full-color digital images of your eye.  It is used to collect specific information including high resolution images and videos so that not only we can diagnose the cause of your dry eye, but also measure it in the future to see if we are making progress with your treatment. This device also allows us to capture special scans of the meibomian glands within the eye lid that are often the cause of dry eye syndrome. Furthermore, the actual tear volume can be measured. At the completion of all the individual tests, a report can be printed called the Crystal tear report that explains each test and how your results are scored.

The OCULUS Keratograph® 5 is a groundbreaking piece of imaging equipment that changes the way we diagnose and treat ocular surface eye diseases. This new machine is among the latest Image result for OCULUS KERATOGRAPH 5Madvances in optometry, it is especially useful for testing, diagnosing and treating dry eye disease.

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