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RefraxionXractionWavefront optimized refraction represents the state of the art in refraction-an accurate assessment of the patients total visual system, in a fraction of the time.

OPD screenMost practices still perform what is called a manual refraction. You know, the part of the examination when we ask you, “Which one is better, one or two?” Although this subjective comparison is still critically important, the manner in which we perform this test is outdated and some patients dread this part of a comprehensive eye examination.

Our office has taken the next step. In fact, we are the first in Manatee county to take this step. We perform a wavefront optimized refraction as a part of our comprehensive examination. Scientist have discovered that there is much more to measuring your overall vision. In fact, we now know that the manner in which light refracts into the eye and the way we process this information visually is unique to every individual-much like a finger print. We can now measure these fine differences with the Marco OPD Scan III. This instrument houses six different instruments in one allowing us to take measures with great efficiency and accuracy.

After the OPD Scan is performed, we compare all data and send a summary of this information to the Marco TRS-5100 automatic refractor.

The TRS 5100 replaces the standard refractor designed in 1928 and which most offices use. It allows us to control the entire refraction process from a keypad. Prescription lens OPD Screen IIchoices move quickly, more accurately and efficiently providing less discomfort to you. Because the TRS 5100 is completely programmable, all the lenses are moved at the touch of a button, taking us to each new refraction step in more efficient and accurate way. The TRS 5100 Refractor is extremely thorough and it decreases the time you need to spend making choices.

For most of the last century, testing vision meant giving the patient the choice between two lenses, “which is better one or two”. In some cases, we can now show you 2 images at the same time to help fine tune your astigmatism to within an unprecedented 1 degree accuracy.

With the TRS-5100 we are able to instantly show you the new prescription compared to the old prescription with a touch of a button so you can make a better decision if updating your glasses will improve your vision. Our patients love the accuracy, speed, and the precision that the TRS 5100 technology provides.